Learn Digital Photography – What is the Future of Digital Photography?

Do you see digital photography as a viable future? This is a very radical question given the digital marketing frenzy. Digital photography is my favorite thing about photography. But what about the future of digital photography? It is a difficult question to answer, and perhaps one that is loaded.

Film photography was never known for film photography. It was the standard. This standard was challenged by digital photography. I am curious if digital photography will become the standard, or remain the ugly sibling of photography.

It will remain the “poor cousin” of film photography, unless two things occur:

1. All digital cameras must be able to produce images that are comparable in quality to basic film cameras. They must end the debate between digital and film. They must not be able to distinguish between the two formats. While the most expensive digital cameras are coming close to this standard, point-and-shoot models can’t compete with their film counterparts. I believe that consumers demand that the quality of lower-end cameras improve, even in times of economic crisis. True photography is about the SLR, and I believe we are well on our way to competing with film cameras in terms of quality.

2. It is now a common belief that quality is more important than quantity. The thought process of taking a photo with film has almost disappeared. Digital images can be taken at lightning speed, which makes it difficult to capture good photography. The quality of images submitted for competitions, posted on forums, and displayed on blogs is a good example. This mindset shift and a greater appreciation for photography will be a boon for digital art.

How can we make digital photography synonymous with photography? Education and learning are my personal keys to success. Digital photography has transformed the face and nature of photography, just as digital publishing has transformed the face and culture of publishing.

You can find great learning materials in electronic format as either free education or at a reasonable price. It’s now affordable and simple to learn about photography, and how to improve it. To improve your images, you don’t need a diploma or expensive course. It is as easy as purchasing an eBook or electronic course. There are many companies that offer money-back guarantees, so there is little risk. It is easy to find information and to learn. It is important to learn photography, not just digital photography.

Film photography was viewed as an art form when it was first created. Therefore, much care was taken in its execution. This mindset was the foundation of film photography. It has remained largely an art form due to the high costs. It was practiced with care by even the common man.

Digital photography is a completely new way of looking at things. It has made art more affordable, easier and quicker. These three factors can lead to loss of technique, reduced quality, and diminished value. This can be seen in the millions of electronic images on DVDs, hard drives, and memory cards that are unappreciated and worthless.

This world is where the art of photography must find its place in the digital chaos. Digital is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It is now up to us to decide if it will rise to the occasion and be the new art form, or if it will be the one that causes the death of an old art form.

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