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An Online Sport Betting System That Has Nothing to Do With Sports Betting Champ

I did my research and found the Sports Betting Champ program. John’s Football betting method is very easy and has a 63% winning rate. I did some research and discovered that while there were 46 NFL plays, only 4 were compatible with John Morrision’s recommendations. All 4 lost if I had placed a bet on them. If it does have a 63% winning ratio, then next time might be a good time. It’s simple and without logic that it’s almost pointless to discuss.

His so-called 97% MLB selections are governed by a progressive betting strategy. Progressive betting is the only winning strategy in sports betting and gambling.

John’s MLB Baseball Betting System has a 97% winning ratio, according to his website. John does not explain how the 97% represents a win in each series he has picked. A series of baseball games can vary in length. It could be one game or five. But the average is three. John says that you will win, often if your team is the one he sends. I haven’t done enough research to find out how it happens, but I know it is a simple process, much like the NFL.

Baseball usually involves three games. This is how he tells you to win! If you are betting on the first match of a selection series, your bet is $100. A huge underdog could win as low $50.00. But, most of his picks will be home favorites. You would probably have to place an average wager of $140.00 to win the $100.00. If that team loses, then you would place the same bet on the next game. You would then wager to win the original $100.00 plus $140.00 if the odds were the same. This bet could go up to $335.00. If what he claims is true (which, in my years of practice, I seriously doubt), you would bet this third time at least a handful times during a MLB season.

Let’s find out how much it would cost you for that bet to win that 97%. Now you have losses totaling $475.00 for consecutive days. To win your 100 percent guaranteed $100, you will need to risk (or better yet, CHASE) $800.00. This is based on an average favorite price of (-140) per game. You must have had at most one loss during this period of 97%. If this happens, it will cost you $1,200.00. Even in a less expensive scenario, you would still need to have a winning percentage greater than 90% to break even. Example: If you win 5700.00 in a series of 57 games, that’s $5,700.00. You lose just 3 of these series to earn $1,860.00. This is a winning percentage 95%. A winning rate of 90% would mean you would lose $2280.00.

*Please note that this is a average bet placed on the favorite of (140).

It may not be perfect, but it is very useful.

$140 on the first bet
$335 is your second bet.
$805 is how much you will wager for the third bet if the first bet doesn’t go your way.
$1,280 is the sum you would have paid if the series didn’t win.

When you have favorite favorites of (-170), or more, you can easily lose a lot more. However, I concede less if my favorite favorites are less than the (-1140) in my situation, and even more if you bet with some underdogs. Your winning percentage will drop if you have less favorites or underdogs. This is a terrible strategy.

Once I have reviewed more of his claims I may uncover more falsehoods 해외배당.

What I want in a betting system for sports is a system that minimizes risk, shows consistent profit betting all sports throughout the year. The system must also follow and wager against streaks, be effective at money management, and have progressive betting systems that can include losing streaks that can reach record lengths.