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How to Download Movies from YouTube

One YouTube user named Brian once asked how to download great films he was watching on this website. He said that, for unknown reasons, he had tried to download movies from YouTube but failed. In reality, there are many YouTube users with the same issue as Brian. The majority of YouTube users are not aware of how to download their favourite movies onto their hard drive.

Is it possible to download videos from YouTube? It’s possible. If you’re tired of saving the YouTube pages for your favourite movies, now is the time to find out how you can do this properly.

You Tube Movies: How they Work

YouTube uses Flash Video to display movies on its website. It is because of this that people find it difficult to download videos from YouTube. It is true that using Flash as a publisher makes it more difficult for users to download these movies.

You can still download Flash movies by searching your Temp index, depending on the way they are being played. The server will download the entire movie onto your computer when you play it.

It is best to hire someone else to locate the YouTube movie file. This will save you time and effort. KeepVid is a website that can help in this regard. It locates the downloads on a variety of Internet websites free mp3 download.

Use KeepVid to download YouTube movies

Copy the URL of the YouTube page that contains the video. Then, copy the URL and paste it in the KeepVid’s download search. Select YouTube from the list. Click the Download button.

KeepVid is the only one who can locate the link to the movie and will give you instructions to help you download it.

YouTube uses the FLV Flash Format, which isn’t instantly playable. You will need an app to view it. Windows users can download FLV Player. You can watch them from the desktop. Try the SWF.max shareware program. It displays thumbnails and has a variety of features that allow you to control the playback.

Use Firefox to download YouTube movies

Installing an extension on Firefox will allow you to download videos from YouTube. Unplug is an example of such an extension. It allows users to download both audio and videos embedded on webpages. Install the extension, and once you’re on the page with the movie that you wish to download, click Tools and then Unplug.

You can also download YouTube movies in other ways

You can download Youtube videos in many other ways. Install iTube on your computer. It’s a free tool. Choose File, then Options in iTube. Enter the desired location in the Save Movies to: field below. Choose whether you’d like to convert it to MPEG to use daily on your computer or to give you more download options for your iPod.